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Mimas Contracting Company

As the leading specialist contractor in Jordan for nearly three decades in the field of concrete cutting, repair, strengthening, refurbishment, flooring and fire protection systems, the insight gained over the years has led to the following best practice systems which we use to build value for our clients.

Core&Cut smooth project planning, we unite all available resources unit a single, highly coordinated operation that promises successful completion of your elective work no matter what complication may rise.

Core&Cut fast track process, Employs a highly disciplined operation and sound project management ti ensure all critical path objectives and deadlines are met

Core&cut advanced engineering solution, capitalizes on our unique experiences and engineering know-how to develop cost-effective practical responses to the daunting selective demolition challenges that our competitors won’t touch

Core&Cut Safety matters, it is a comprehensive approach to safety that ensures the success of our clients’ projects by safeguarding the eath and welfare if all jobsite personnel.

Core&Cut Specialty equipment arsenal, contains a full range of top quality tools and machinery sourced from the biggest names in the industry Hilti which promise you the right tools for your job and breakdown free quality.

Core&Cut Rapid response team, will mobilize to your site within 24 hours, delivering all necessary tools and manpower to meet your emergency selective needs.

Core&Cut –Certified Technicians, are tge result of intensive training and years of experience in every facet of concrete abd netal working acriss a broad range of construction abd industrial settings, as our most accomplished technicians, they are the basis of our superior skill and ability.

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