Concrete Repairs & Injection

Core&Cut offers a wide range of grouting services that range from machine base grouting to the filling of cavities behind walls, from the lining of tunnels to the bulk infilling of disused sewers. Core&Cutexpert grouting team have even conducted repairs to various reservoirs.

We have successfully completed numerous contracts which have necessitated the exact control of the injection pressures and the use of a range of different grout application methods including high capacity self-contained diesel pumps to compressed air pumps.

At Core&Cut we have vast experience of using crack injection techniques to seal fine cracks in a range of materials including concrete and masonry. The crack injection techniques help bind structures, preventing water and dampness from entering structures

Key Concrete Grouting Features

  • All our equipment is self-contained and fully mobile
  • Equipment is powered by diesel, air or electric
  • Ability to apply a range of materials to suit all applications
  • Fully trained SIKA accredited operators covering the Middle East.