Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond Drilling is the most versatile and efficient method of forming holes and openings in a wide range of hard materials, from Heavily Reinforced Concrete and Natural Stone to fragile Terrazzo Tiles, to almost unlimited profiles and depths.
At Core&cut, we are proud of the speed at which we can undertake and complete even the most complex diamond drilling operation and continue to evolve and develop techniques and equipment to solve any drilling problem.

Key Features:

  • Minimal vibration
  • Vibration-free Diamond Drilling
  • Hole sizes from 8 to 750mm
  • Low noise output
  • The most precise method of forming service penetrations
  • No dust due to wet cutting
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Blade types to suit every application
  • Full range of case studies available
  • Fully trained Hilti accredited operators
  • Fully equipped mobile workforce covering Middle East


This procedure can be used across the four plains of vertical, horizontal, angled, and inverted.